Precautionary measures which are in place to ensure a safe SMU campus

29 Jan 2020

To ensure a safe SMU campus, we have implemented the following measures with effect from 27 Jan for all members of the SMU Community:

  • Cancellation of all existing and upcoming official trips to China, Hong Kong and Macau*.
  • All staff, students and faculty are required to make a travel declaration - of historical and forthcoming travel - for both official and personal trips to all countries via SMU’s Travel Declaration portal.
  • Daily temperature-taking via SMU’s Temperature Taking Portal will be required for all staff and student travellers for a duration of 14 days upon their return to Singapore (for both official and personal trips) from China.   

With immediate effect, all SMU student-facing staff, faculty and students returning from mainland China will also be required to take a 14-day leave of absence from classes and work. For those who have already returned but are still within the 14-day period, the leave of absence will still be required.”

*updated as of 30 Jan 2020.