SMU Resilience Fund – an update

28 Sep 2020

The SMU Resilience Fund was established in May to help students who are facing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It comprises funds from the University’s own resources, as well as contributions from the SMU Community and donors. The fund initially had $2.5million.

Since May, the SMU Resilience Fund has raised a further $1.14 million from the SMU Community and donors. This includes contributions from faculty, staff and well-wishers, as well as the University Management Team which has pledged to contribute a proportion of their annual compensation to support students in need.

The University is grateful to each individual who has stepped forward to contribute to the Fund in support of a meaningful cause.  

Nearly 200 students have received financial support thus far, and it is expected that close to 600 more students will receive support over the next month. The University continues to accept applications to the various financial assistance schemes under the Fund to support our students during this pandemic so that they will not be denied of an SMU education because of their family’s financial circumstances.